Where does a Landlord start?

We believe that every aspect of the letting process is important and must be handled with care, giving close careful consideration to the overall picture at every stage.

Your property is your investment, and it makes sense to get it right from the very beginning.

The majority of our tenancies are for a minimum of 6 months using an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (Housing Act 1988) if you are not able to commit to this length of time, please refer to our holiday letting page which may be more suitable for your needs or contact us to discuss further.

The letting process will start with a visit from one of our negotiators who will;

  • Provide a free no obligation valuation on your property and offer advice on any improvements or modifications that may help to achieve the best rental and secure the right Tenant.
  • Take photographs and full details of the property and discuss any possible restrictions you may wish to make on children and pets

Advise you on;

  • Furnished/ unfurnished (what to leave and what to remove)
  • The responsibilities involved
  • The legal issues concerning safety
  • The Tenants responsibilities
  • Our Terms and Conditions
  • The service that suits you
  • Your tax implications (if any)
  • Insurance


If you do not have a "Buy to Let" mortgage you must advise your mortgage lender and check that there is no objection or insurance restriction on letting.

  • You must advise your buildings and contents insurer of your intentions. Many insurers do not cover let properties but we can arrange specialist policies to give you the protection you need.
  • Refurbishments and safety checks must be made and you should be aware of the legislation that affects let property regarding furnishings, gas, electricity and smoke detectors.
  • You are responsible for providing sufficient keys, installing smoke alarms, notifying your local council (for Council Tax), gas, electricity, oil suppliers and post office etc. of the changes.
  • You are responsible for the general maintenance of the property and contents - the structure and condition of the property, decoration, installations and appliances.
  • If there is a garden, you must provide tools and the tenant is obliged to use them! In a larger property with a special garden it is best to employ a gardener to ensure the best care of precious plants etc. The cost can be built in to the rent.

Where repairs are necessary the tenant will call Purbeck Lettings if we manage the property or, if you have chosen our Let Only or Let and rent collection options, they will call you.

Our Responsibilities

When everything is ready we will market your property:

  • in the press - paid for and free local publications
  • on the Internet
  • in local awareness campaigns

We will then:

  • obtain references or credit check reference on prospective Tenants
  • request a Guarantor if necessary and check their details
  • accompany applicants to view your property


The tenant has the right to live in the property so reasonable wear and tear must be taken into account. However, the tenant is also responsible for:

  • paying the rent
  • taking care of the property and keeping it clean
  • insuring their own possessions


Building Insurance

Must be arranged by you - we can help with special letting policies.

Contents Insurance

Where a tenancy is fully managed by Purbeck Lettings, the tenant is obliged to provide contents insurance to protect their contents within the let property. Accidental damage to the landlord's goods can also be covered. You should ensure your contents are insured for normal risks and that you are covered by relevant liability insurance.

Letting Fees Information

The asking rent does not include any letting fees. Depending on your circumstances and the property you select, the following fees may apply:

  • Administration fees relating to reference collation and reporting
  • Guarantor arrangement/application fees
  • Fees for drawing up tenancy agreements including extension fees
  • Inventory fees, including check-in and check-out fees
  • Pets disclaimer fees/additional pet deposit

For further information and a complete breakdown of fees that would apply to your particular circumstances and selected property please contact our office. We will also provide you with our �Tenant�s Guide to Renting a Property� prior to any viewing with you.


Self Assessment

The Inland Revenue regard letting a property as a form of investment and profit from rental income is taxed at the appropriate rate. UK residents are responsible for declaring the profit. Non-UK residents may apply for exemption from the rule that holds a letting agent responsible for the payment of the landlord's tax. If this is granted the landlord assumes responsibility for payment. If not, the agent must deduct the tax from the rent received and pass it to the Inland Revenue. If no agent is used the tenant becomes responsible for ensuring payment by deducting it from rent due.

This complex situation must be carefully managed and penalties for non or late payment are severe.


All of our services include the marketing of your property, organising credit check references, inventories, transfer of utilities, organising safety checks and holding deposits. All fees are subject to VAT at the current rate.

Full Management 10%

Most Landlords do not wish to be involved in day to day letting matters and to provide for this Purbeck Lettings offers a full management service which provides complete piece of mind. This includes finding a Tenant, collecting rent and dealing with the day to day management of the property.

Letting and Rent Collection 8%

This service suits landlords who live close to the property and are happy to handle the day to day management of the property. We will find the Tenant and deal with all aspects of collection of rent during the Tenancy on your behalf, but the Tenant will contact you directly with any management issues regarding the property.

Let Only 7%

This service suits landlords who only require an agent to find and reference prospective tenants. At the commencement date of the Tenancy the Tenant will then liaise directly with the Landlord regarding any day to day management issues and rental payments.

Please note that there is new legislation protecting tenants deposits which affects the Landlord's right to hold the deposit. Purbeck Lettings are registered with the Deposit Protection Service. Please contact us for further information on this alternatively you can look online at www.depositprotection.com

Vacant Management

If your property is currently vacant, or is due to become vacant shortly, whether this be before/between tenancies, or while trying to sell your home, our vacant management service offers you complete peace of mind.

This service includes;

  • Fortnightly visits
  • The payment of interim utility bills and service charges (subject to being in receipt of a working fund)
  • Checks for any maintenance problems whilst the property is empty giving you peace of mind whilst the property is unoccupied.

For further information on this service, please contact our office where we would be pleased to discuss it in further detail with you.

(NB: If your property is left unoccupied most insurance policies will be invalidated. It is therefore essential that you inform your insurance company that your property will be empty)